Suitable for use as a self-contained tiny home, home office or ancillary residential. In multiples, these are ideal for glamping sites or business parks.


FAB-HAB tiny buildings are based on the 'tiny house' method, which creates compact solutions for a variety of uses including home offices, ancillary residential and of course, tiny homes.


Individual tiny-home units can be designed to be self-contained and off-grid, and can be supported by foundations or on a trailer for a moveable tiny home.


In an existing residential location, they offer valuable additional space for home working, for a young person to gain independence, or as a 'granny annexe'.


FAB-HAB buildings are built to (or exceed) residential Building Regulations standards, ensuring they are comfortable all year round.

The interior is fully customisable to your needs, including furniture fit-out if required. This example shows a 2-person home office, which includes flexible storage and the addition of a pull-out bed for occasional use.

These images show a 'tiny' interior, fitted out as a home office. Each building is designed for its site, to the customer's specifications. Size, roof type (single or dual pitch), placement of openings, services and interior layout (including additional rooms / mezzanine) are all customisable. A tiny FAB-HAB offers superior comfort and efficiency compared to a 'regular' garden building or caravan, and (typically) doesn't require planning permission to build.


Your FAB-HAB is fully customisable for size, layout, door & window openings, internal and external finishes and fitted furniture (if desired). A mezzanine or separate rooms can be included in the design. The building can be connected to existing utilities, or fully self-contained with the inclusion of services and renewables.

The examples show 1, 2 and 4 person work spaces with different internal layouts, including an existing 'Jack & Jill' option for two people who need new work space, but don't want to over-hear each other!


All specified materials in the building fabric are carbon positive, healthy materials. Building is airtight and conforms to (or exceeds) requirements for residential Buidling Regulations.


FAB-HAB Project targets 'Net Zero' for total operational and embodied carbon emissions, using a research-based approach to modelling at design stage, and performance monitoring on completion (if desired).


Flatpack construction is simple and quick to build with no specialised trades required.

Qualified trades only required at fit-out stage (for electrical / plumbing works).


Fully costed on a per square metre basis, a FAB-HAB costs on average 35% less than using conventional materials and methods (based on typical domestic build costs).

  Every FAB-HAB is individually designed, based on our standard model, using our  
 'mass customisation' approach. There are four different ways to create a FAB-HAB. 

1 - Design only

This service level offers a full design service, including plans, sections, elevations, site plans, renders and production of CNC cutting files. Depending on the type of project, these drawings are likely to form part of any planning and/or building control application that may be required.

3 - Supply and construction of shell only

This service is the same as level 2, but we undertake the construction, leaving you with a shell-only solution finished with a weatherproof membrane. It is then down to you to source and fit all the services, finishes, cladding, roofing, windows and doors.

2 - Supply of shell materials only,
for self-builders

Once design is complete, we fabricate the building shell and deliver it to you as a kit of individually labelled parts. We also provide the chosen foundation system, insulation and membrane to make the shell weatherproof.  You then source and fit all the services, finishes, cladding, roofing, windows and doors.

4 - Fully finished, 'turnkey' solution

A full turnkey solution includes design, fabrication and deilvery to site of all parts. We install the foundation system, undertake construction of the shell, and complete the fit-out by installing windows, doors, roofing, cladding, services and all interior finishes.

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