At FAB-HAB Project, our mission is to transform the way homes are designed and built, to minimise environmental impact and maximise social impact. We aim to create buildings which deliver the 'triple-bottom-line' of sustainability; generating income to support environmental and social purpose (people, planet, profit).


Construction is a major contributor to carbon emissions (39% annually), but building in timber locks up the carbon absorbed by trees as they grow.

FAB-HAB creates high-performing buildings with healthy, natural materials, to reduce environmental impact across the building's whole lifespan.


More than a million people are on waiting lists for council / social housing, but there is an ongoing shortfall in development.

At FAB-HAB we aim to democratise design, by creating buildings which are well designed, beautiful and desirable, whilst being customisable and simple for anyone to build.


The influential Marmot Review estimated the direct cost to the NHS of poor housing at £2.5billion a year.

At FAB-HAB we are working in partnership with social enterprises to ensure an adequate and affordable housing supply, something which is fundamental to a society where people can flourish and realise their potential.

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