At FAB-HAB we aim to source all our materials from sustainable sources, within the UK whenever possible. We conduct 'life cycle assessment' on our complete buildings and the individual materials within them, to ensure we are specifiying materials with the lowest possible environmental impact, and which can be re-used at end-of-life, forming part of the 'circular economy'.


We believe that building solid ongoing relationships with local suppliers and service providers means that we can actively work together to ensure that all FAB-HAB buildings are as sustainable and cost effective as possible, whilst having maximum social impact and economic benefit at a local level.


As sustainability is part of our core mission, we are committed to regular auditing of our products, materials, processes and suppliers, to ensure what we specify remains the most sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. We are committed to ongoing research and development of low-impact materials, either in-house or in collaboration with suppliers.


  • We ask all our suppliers to do what they can to reduce any potential impact on the environment of the goods and services they provide to us. As a minimum, we require that they comply with all local and national environmental legislation, regulations and directives, to protect and improve the environment

  • We actively seek out suppliers who measure their environmental impact and have developed, reviewed and recorded their processes to ensure that they are conforming with current legislation and working towards lowering their carbon impact

  • We actively seek out those suppliers who have an action plan to reduce their company’s impact on the environment e.g. energy reduction, local sourcing, recycling, development of lower-carbon processes for production, research into innoviate low-impact materials etc.

  • We seek out suppliers who are working actively to improve and promote the environment, who have put appropriate measures in place to minimise harmful emissions, and wherever possible deliver goods and services to us in a form that promotes recycling

  • We work in collaboration with our suppliers to help them achieve these aims

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