Our mission to transform the housing industry

The UK's housing industry is in a state of flux. Demands to increase the rate of house building are welcomed by the large developers, who seek to make profit but without consideration for the changing environmental and social demands of the homes they are building.

Environmental impact of housing is significant, both during construction and once in-use. Measurement and regulation of these impacts is changing, with increasing focus on building performance to reduce energy use and emissions. But a significant regulatory gap persists, as there is little measurement - and no regulatory control - over the carbon impact of the construction materials and processes themselves. This needs to change; resource depletion, combined with the heavy environmental impact of conventional construction materials, must be tackled if we are to reduce and mitigate the impact of construction on climate change.

Social issues also demand increased focus, especially in a post-pandemic society where the relationship between health, wellbeing, poverty and access to good quality housing has been thrown into sharp focus.

Our mission at FAB-HAB Project is to transform the way homes are designed and built, to minimise environmental impact and maximise social impact. We will do this by designing and building homes which deliver the 'triple-bottom-line' of sustainability; generating income (and profit) to support environmental and social purpose.

Our key aims include continuously working to research and improve the FAB-HAB build system to become a 'climate positive' solution, whilst delivering cost-effective housing which reduces social inequalities and improves occupant health.


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