FAB-HAB Project will be a purposeful business that creates positive environmental and social change. We see this purpose as a thread which runs through everything we do, driving us to solve real-world problems. Below is a summary of our key environmental and social aims, including our commitment to invest a proportion of our profits each year into charitable causes and other social enterprises who share our aims.

Environmental Aims

  • FAB-HAB buildings will aim to be completely carbon neutral (in both construction and operation), and easy and inexpensive to construct, without specialist knowledge or trades

  • We will take a research-based approach on an ongoing basis, to measure and continually improve building performance (comfort and cost to run), and life-cycle impact (operational and embodied carbon emissions), to reach and ultimately exceed the goal of net-zero carbon

  • We will offset any remaining carbon impacts, if necessary by creating our own local or regional carbon offsetting scheme

  • We will balance reducing costs with sourcing the lowest impact materials (and partner with manufacturers to develop new solutions where none exists)

  • We will provide growth opportunities for UK-based suppliers of niche, low-impact, high-performing materials (e.g. hemp or sisal insulation)

Social Aims

  • We aim to democratise design, by creating buildings which are well designed, beautiful and desirable, whilst being customisable and simple for anyone to build

  • We aim to improve access to good quality, cost-effective housing which reduces social inequalities and improves occupant health

  • Develop the simplest and quickest build practices to ensure the system is accessible to all who want to self-build

  • Take a research-based approach to monitoring occupant comfort, satisfaction and wellbeing via post-occupancy evaluation

  • We will create a community to share knowledge and experience of the FAB-HAB system, and provide training for those interested in building their own

  • We will invest 25% of our profits into projects tackling the barriers to adequate housing

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